Redemption Is Key Motive Big Brother All Stars Candidates Released-filmopedia

Redemption Is Key Motive Big Brother All Stars Candidates Released-filmopedia

All 20 potential Big Brother candidates have been made public and announced by CBS. Since the show's announcement earlier this year, the names have been appearing on chat forums, blogs, myspace, and fan sites all over the internet. What holds true for the majority of houseguests? Redemption! The vast majority of the anointed ones who committed large errors someplace in the game were betrayed by another player, or just played the game wrong.

George This man seems to be the kind of person who always tried to stand out in order to fit in. His nickname, "Chicken," comes from his responsibility to protect the chickens in the household.

The resident who is well-known for his crying is Bunky Bunky. He used the "nice guy" card, and we all know that nice people always come in last! While the people around him attempted to manipulate Bunky, he spent the majority of his time in the house crying. Kent, who initially judged him, who was his best friend in the house, is still a close friend outside the house. Bunky promises not to cry when he returns to play the game in a different way.

Will "You think it's easy to be attractive?"Why do so many fans adore this man? because he is aware that bad guys are attractive! He stated that he planned to lie from the beginning and called his game playing ruthless. Additionally, he asserts that he pioneered the evil strategy. Because of his big ego and desire to try something new, he thinks people should vote for him.

Mike: "I am the kind of guy you would rather hang out with than buy insurance from."Mike boogie said he liked hanging out with the "Bratt pack," and he was a member of the chill town alliance. He claimed that falling in love with Christa, whom he proposed to on the show, got engaged to, and then broke up with after the show, was his biggest mistake. He wants to demonstrate to America how strategic he is because he believes that being "in love" tainted his judgment. He is good friends with Evil Dr. Will and wants to step out of their shadow and lead.

Monica, who goes by the stage name "It's on," is a powerful individual. She says that she wants to keep things honest, and she warns anyone who tries to get in her way to be careful. I'm even scared of her!a genuine rival!

Marcellas Marcellas was reportedly quoted as saying, "I love looking at myself." He was frequently seen admiring himself. Marcellas is a fan favorite because he has worked on "House Calls" since he was kicked out, commenting on every Big Brother house since then. Before they entered the Big Brother house, he and Amy were two outcasts who were used to being famous and were shunned by everyone. In what he describes as "a crazy greek tragedy," Marcellas made the mistake of giving up his veto to keep his only friend in the house. Marcellas desires to return to the place to make amends for his major errors.

In Big Brother, Lisa Lisa was known for her infamous peanut butter bikini and the quote "I keep my eyes shut and my mouth open."She is one of the few winners who will try to rejoin Big Brother. Even though she won the previous game, she wants to play it again this time. She has nothing to lose because she has won in the past and is prepared to dodge bullets.

Danielle "People either love me or hate me," a controversial participant who will attempt to return to the show. She counted down to her victory during what she referred to as "real and raw" dairy room sessions on tonight's show. Additionally, she formed a covert alliance with Jason that kept them both in the top three. She can't stop thinking about "redemption" because she was so close to winning.

When Erika Erika saw her X boyfriend in the show's ex-factor twist, she was excited to enter the house in BB4. She would like to enter the house as one of the "good" guys and try to win. She and Jack formed a powerful alliance in BB4, but it was insufficient. This time, she is prepared for anything, but she is specially prepared to redeem herself.

Dana was known for saying, "I'm so pissed off." Dana was known for being honest. She claims to be "spicy" in personality. Her biggest mistake early on was switching sides and voting against her alliance, which resulted in her being voted out in the subsequent round.

Alison, the houseguest that everyone detested, was known as "A Girl got to do what a Girl got to do."She began the show by seducing all of the boys, and over time, she became despised. She claimed that telling people exactly what they wanted to hear was part of her strategy, as was manipulating men. She managed to sneak by and finish in second place, but she was brutally defeated by a score of 1:6 votes downShe is returning with vengeance and force because she is convinced that the first looser crap is not good enough for her.


"That was not from Jesus" Brimming with jokes he named his BB5 team, the "Four imbecile horsemen."When Jase was caught calling out to other houseguests, he was taken aback. He quickly became a rat on a ship that was sinking! All-Stars, in Jase's opinion, would not be the same without him. He needs to be back, wearing head-gear… a Brought back to life houseguest.

The one and only cowboy on Big Brother wishes to return, Michael Michael "cowboy."He started to rule the house wild, but then he found out that he had a sister and a father, and that his sister was in the house with him! He ended up at the point where he just missed the money because of his sob story. He imagines that when you get that near the cash losing it is the hardest. He was said to have ridden the coattails to the finals and is ready to demonstrate that he deserves victory.

On Nakomis Nakomis, Jennifer discovered that Michael was her brother. She had her own unique personality, new poetry, and hairstyles. She became a memorable Big Brother participant thanks to her passionate rant against the series, the producers, and reality television in general. She claims that her relationship with Michael is still sporadic today and that her eviction's single vote from her brother was the most difficult memory. Diane says, "When I want something, I get it." She wants to be the snake in the grass in the all-star competition. Another person who fell in love with Big Brother was Diane.She became Drew's girlfriend and Drew later decided to vote for cowboy Michael over her.She stated that no one will break her down and that being with him cost her the game. She also wants to return under the pretense of "redemption!"

Howie Howie quickly came to be known as BUSTO, which means "a man who loves boobies."He also tried to be a JEDI all the time, and on several episodes, you could see him using lightsabers. Janelle was his secret partner. Howie has created his own games, started online chats, and promoted his own products online, making him the most famous person online." Big brother without Howie is like a day without sunshine," says Howie. Additionally, he believes he was the show's most attractive individual.

Kaysar Kaysar was the first Muslim contestant on Big Brother. Although he was a very nice person, he was also a stranger. He claimed that he was evicted way too early and that people thought they could profit from him. Despite being unpopular on the show, Kasyar has become very popular in real life. He made appearances on the new show "half and half" and the soap opera "the young and the restless."His quote, "No, I sealed your partner's fate," is well-known. In numerous forums devoted to Big Brother, Kaysar is a popular pick.

Ivette says, "I'm going to get Cuban on your ass." She thinks that choosing the wrong friends and alliances was her biggest mistake on the show. She wants to defy those stereotypes and play a different game, as she is frequently portrayed on the show as loud and a member of the "nerd herd."

James "Veto King" James didn't get along with anyone on the show. He says that no one else was as hated and feared as he was. He got through because he got the most vetoes in Big Brother history. With the same tenacity as before, James promises to return. Additionally, forums all over the internet adore James.

Janelle, better known as "Bye Bye Bitches!" was the most talked-about, fun-loving Big Brother candidate. The majority of houseguests would also adore her return. Despite being a tall, foxy blonde, Janelle is a formidable rival and well-known dummy. She declares that she will do anything to win...

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